buy here pay here el paso

The rise of Buy Here Pay Here type car loans dealerships has been a game changer for many consumers who need a car but may have trouble securing traditional financing options. Here at Casa Nissan, we are optimizing our financing offers to include options similar to Buy Here Pay Here. We’re proud to offer options that have the same convenience and accessibility, without some of the downsides that come with Buy Here Pay Here.

Benefits of Payment Models Similar to Buy Here Pay Here

When applying for Buy Here Pay Here financing, the convenience is unmatched. Because your financing is approved and provided by your dealership, it cuts out the middleman. This means you can get into your new vehicle faster and with less uncertainty. Less paperwork for you means a less stressful process. At Casa Nissan, we have access to some of the best financing rates from local credit unions as well as nationwide banks. Sometimes we even act as our own bank and provide financing directly to customers without needing approval from third party institutions.

This ease of access makes our financing options ideal for those with low or no credit. In today’s economy, it can be tough to maintain a high credit score. If your credit rating is lower than you’d like, you’re certainly not alone. By applying for financing through Casa Nissan, we can help ensure you get the best deal possible, whatever your credit score. We understand that, especially with the economy today, your credit score does not always reflect who you are as a customer. And having a vehicle is a necessity for maintaining or even rebuilding your credit.

Drawbacks of Traditional Buy Here Pay Here Models

Sometimes customers might decide that Buy Here Pay Here is not for them. This can be due to the sometimes higher interest rates that come with this payment model. Or perhaps they have a specific bank they prefer to deal with. In any case, it’s usually better to try and secure financing with an established bank first and use Buy Here Pay Here as a backup option. Our financing department makes use of our many connections with both local credit unions and nationwide banking institutions to exhaust every possible avenue to get you the best deal in financing your new vehicle. But if all else fails, we have your back with our in-house financing options.

Helping Our Community Get On The Road

It’s a modern reality that you need a vehicle to get by and maintain your career and financial security. For that reason, we don’t believe that anyone who needs a vehicle should be completely cut-off from the possibility because of bad luck or poor credit. We also don’t believe these customers should be gouged with the highest possible interest rates like with some Buy Here Pay Here models. That’s why we offer similar options to Buy Here Pay Here that still keeps our customers’ best interests at heart.

As a family business that has operated in El Paso for several generations, we understand that our obligation is to the community first. And we’re honored to carry on this tradition ever since we opened our doors back in 1984. So please, give us a call today with any questions or concerns you have about getting into a vehicle as soon as possible. We’re here to help! Reach us by phone at 915-302-6302 or access our financing application and other information here on our website. And of course, you can always drop by our showroom and say hello!