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New Nissan NV Cargo for Sale in El Paso

All cargo vans are not created equal. Anyone who spends a lot of time in a cargo van knows that basic vans lack features that make life much easier, safer, and more comfortable, both while driving and while enjoying the van’s utility features. The Nissan NV Cargo Van boasts workhorse usability right alongside an incredible array of options and features designed to make your cargo van your favorite ride, as well as a useful tool.

More than Transportation

For most cargo van drivers, a van is essentially a rolling office. Hauling cargo, tools or equipment means spending a lot of time in the driver’s seat; comfort, technology, and ease of handling are just as important as cargo space. The NV Cargo van from Nissan addresses all of these aspects while still managing to be available in a wide range of models to suit individual needs.

The Space You Need

Changes in design make the NV Cargo van’s latest models exemplary when it comes to usable space. With the long wide cargo floor, square wheel well roofs, and almost vertical sidewalls, you can fit two full-sized pallets, 10 feet of pipe or multiple 4 x 8 drywall sheets in the back with ease. The height and lack of angle on the sidewalls lets you easily use aftermarket shelving and storage systems for better organization without making modifications.

When it comes to cargo space, only one van is large enough to allow most adults to walk, stand and work in the cargo area. It’s the Nissan NV Cargo van.

Safety First with Technology

Every NV Cargo van comes with a standard RearView monitor, a 5-inch color display screen, Bluetooth Hands-Free Phone technology, and a fully-integrated Audio and Text Messaging system. USB connections let you charge while on the go, too. Drivers can get directions, schedule appointments, and handle other important tasks (like booking your next client), all while keeping their hands on the wheel.

Available options for additional technology include NissanConnect with Navigation, Mobile Apps, Nissan Voice recognition, and SiriusXM Traffic and Travel Link. Integrating technology with the NV Cargo van makes managing your work and staying safe easy.

Best Commercial Warranty

The NV Cargo van is covered with America’s Best Commercial Van Warranty. Your Cargo NV has bumper-to-bumper coverage for up to 5 years or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first. This warranty is available because Nissan commercial vehicles have proven to be remarkably long lasting and reliable vehicles in real-world work situations. It’s all about real people, real use, and real scenarios.

Reduce Strain and Pain for Drivers

The biggest complaint about most cargo van designs is that drivers are in an uncomfortable seat for many hours at a time. Typically, this includes a small front door, straight backed seating, small arm rests and cramped leg area. Classic complaints stemmed from the fact that driver space was cramped in previous designs, but that’s no longer an issue.

Now, the Nissan NV Cargo van offers drivers wide front doors, supportive bucket seats, seat adjustment options, a large armrest and a driving position as comfortable as a modern pickup truck – with great legroom, too. The removable center console allows for convenient storage at an arm’s reach, while the fold-down passenger seat creates more openness and a worktable area.

Nissan NV Cargo is Designed for Everyday Use

Cargo vans carry objects – maybe that’s the understatement of the year. But the NV Cargo is more like a mobile office or workshop than just a hauler. Design options include:

All of these features and options make the Nissan NV Cargo van a great option for hardworking people. It’s especially useful for those who need not just travel, but also arrive with their equipment and also accomplish other tasks along the way.

Built Tough from the Ground Up

The NV Cargo is feature-rich, but it also has strength, reliability and power added in to make your ride smoother and handling easier. Ample standby power keeps it at the ready for all of your most important pit stops. Choose from multiple engines loaded with horsepower, some with DOHC and Continuous Valve Timing Control. Heavy-duty transmission options keep you moving and shifting without concern.

Nissan also cares about your safety. That’s why every NV Cargo comes with dual stage supplemental front, side, and roof-mounted side airbags, rollover sensor, three-point front seat belts, tire pressure monitoring and vehicle dynamic control.

You spend a lot of time in your van. The NV Cargo can help make that time more enjoyable. It’s a wise choice that will help boost your productivity while keeping you safe and getting you where you need to go. Come on down and test drive the NV Cargo van at an El Paso Nissan dealer near you.

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