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New Nissan Sentra in El Paso Texas

For more than 35 years, the Nissan Sentra has been one of the brand’s biggest and best-selling affordable compact sedans. The highly fuel-efficient vehicle is long-lasting and tough as a daily driver and surprisingly roomy for travel. Economical and sturdy, the Sentra is a first car for many teens, first-time drivers, and parents; multi-generational support of the Nissan brand is common after just a single purchase. When a well-maintained Sentra easily hits 400,000 miles without blinking an eye, it’s easy to see why they have such loyal fans.

The newest Sentra is available in four different models that boast incredible standard options and additional customizations. Even the base model of the 2019 Nissan Sentra is well-equipped and ready to get you where you need to go in terms of style and safety. Even better news: it’s affordable, too!

Connectivity is Standard

There are so many ways that Smartphones and technology affect our lives; we use them to find rest areas, restaurants, tickets, directions, or maybe even just to phone home and see whether you need to buy milk. Add in texting and talking with other people and it becomes chaos without the right support. It isn’t safe to handle all of these tasks while driving without it, which is why Nissan added the new hands-free system, NissanConnect.

The Sentra’s latest models stepped up their connectivity game with new tech integrations to make your life even easier. These include Nissan Connect, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto for phone and audio integration, as well as navigation and entertainment installations to keep the kids busy while you drive.

Unlike cars just 10 years ago, these features are now in great demand. Any car maker that doesn’t include them is losing the opportunity to serve an enormous part of their sales demographic. Blind spot warning, rear cross traffic alert, and intelligent cruise control are all included under this technology umbrella.

Updated “Nissan Family” Exterior

In the past, the Sentra had a unique shape and look that made it easily identifiable. The new Sentra looks more like other Nissan models with the brand’s classic “family” features. This includes a boomerang-shaped head and tail lights, LED accents, and a bold grille with more sculpted and elegant fenders and hood compared to older models.

Accents like chrome door handles and window dressings, along with outside mirrors with integrated turn signals, give the Sentra a fresh modern look. Choose from eight gorgeous colors, each that provides a slightly different look and feel, to make your new Sentra really stand out. It may be affordable and fuel-efficient, but you won’t feel like you’re looking at or driving a bargain car!

A Compact that Feels Big

The Nissan Sentra is a compact sedan. Once you step inside, you’ll no longer believe that statement is true. The newest models give drivers plenty of leg and head room in the front and back seats. A large trunk and fold-down back seats make it more versatile and better able to keep up with family life.

The driver cockpit area has a six-way manual driver’s seat, front center console with padded armrest and cup holders, and a super-convenient tilt and telescopic steering wheel. The NissanConnect system, color touch screen and entertainment controls are all within easy reach, too, making driving easier. Squishing and squeezing into a compact car is usually a nightmare for anyone over 5 feet tall, but the Sentra has plenty of room for even your tallest family members to sit comfortably.

Safety First

While Nissan has always been known for their high safety ratings, making drivers feel safer and more secure on the road, the last five years have been exemplary in this regard. Newer models really go all-out and include these features as standard build items:

When it comes to being safe on the road, the Sentra – and Nissan – have you covered.

Performance and Economy Combined

The Sentra line boasts decent horsepower with an included Xtronic transmission that has a unique sub-planetary gear with a longer stroke than other engines in this class. The goal in changing the Sentra in this manner was to improve fuel efficiency greatly; Nissan definitely achieved that goal.

Sentra engines also feature continuously variable timing control to modulate intake and exhaust opening time, Beehive-shaped valve springs reduce weight while increasing valve train efficiency for smooth operation. With independent front strut suspension, torsion beam rear suspension, and high-frequency response shock absorbers, the Sentra is a dream to drive. You get a smooth ride and easy handling no matter how curvy or bumpy the road. It’s aerodynamic in ways that older models were not, hugging curves, gliding down the highway, and keeping you fully in control even when facing tough road conditions. Visit an El Paso Nissan dealership today to check out this comfortable, affordable, reliable and brand new Sentra. You’re just one step away from a sublime drive you’ll truly come to love.

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