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The Nissan Versa line is absolutely incredible to drive and even more pleasurable to own. Since the early 2000s, the Versa has shown steady U.S. sales that increase each and every year – a reflection of just how satisfied drivers are with this vehicle. Newer models are sure to break previous sales records thanks to several outstanding improvements, including an exterior that’s sleeker and sexier than ever before along with a roomier and more elegant interior. This makes the contemporary Versa more like the popular Sentra and Altima, rather than a utilitarian family ride.

The entire Nissan family is filled with impressive vehicles. If you haven’t taken a look at the Versa before, it is now officially time.

Stylish Silhouette

When you can call a family sedan a sexy car, you know the design and lines are right on point with modern auto buyers. A bold front end with large headlights, a sturdy and substantial fascia, and glinting chrome plated grille create a face anyone could fall in love with. This is just another sign of Nissan’s care and attention when designing the Versa for certain markets.

As you move around the car, you’ll notice that little has been overlooked in Nissan’s attempt to be fashionable. Features like aerodynamic engineering, sculpted panels, multi-reflector halogen headlights, body-colored outside mirrors and a rod-type fixed roof antenna makes the Versa one attractive and sensational vehicle. Color-wise, Nissan didn’t shirk on the options; choose from one of six exterior colors: Gun Metallic, Super Black, Fresh Powder, Cayenne Red, Brilliant Silver, and Deep Blue Pearl.

The Versa’s exterior isn’t just pretty (although it really is gorgeous). There’s more to this book than just the pretty cover. The aerodynamic design also helps to displace and redirect wind, reducing drag for more fuel efficiency.

Interior Comfort and Refinement

Sliding into any seat in the Versa Sedan evokes an instant smile. Whether you’re making a long commute, running errands, or maybe even just taking the kids to practice, it’s a thrilling and luxuriously comfortable experience. In the cockpit, a 7-inch color touch screen, Bluetooth Hands-Free Phone and Text Assistant System, steering wheel controls Siri Eyes Free, AM/FM/USB stereo, and outside temperature display keep you in the know and in control. These may not be necessary, but they sure are nice to have.

Some of the Versa’s top features do more than just improve safety; they improve quality of life, too. Along with the roomy interior space for driver and passenger, there’s also a surprisingly large trunk space and fold-down rear seats for storage. The comfy seats and spacious legroom area in front and back make the Versa a great family car.

New Engine Technology

The Versa doesn’t have as much horsepower or torque as other options, but don’t let that convince you it isn’t worthwhile. There’s a lot more to the story. Nissan has introduced a range of technologies to enhance fuel efficiency, like a dual injector system, a lightweight engine, a twin continuously variable valve timing control system, increased thermal efficiency, and decreased inhalation resistance. Combined, these features create a remarkably effective system that makes better use of less fuel over a longer period of time. The Xtronic transmission continuously changes the gear ratio with built-in pulleys and a metallic belt.

Just how efficient is the Versa? It depends on the model, but some of the newest releases boast MPG ratings of up to a record-breaking 40 MPG on the highway. That’s an insane amount of mileage even for a vehicle in its class.

A Safe Family Vehicle

Safety is a major concern for all car makers. After all, a driver who survives is a driver who will purchase vehicles again in the future! Nissan makes a concerted effort to stay ahead of the game on safety features by continuously upgrading their offerings. All Versa sedans come with standard and optional safety features to protect precious cargo:


The Nissan Versa was originally a hatchback model when it was released in the U.S. in 2007. As the years have gone by, each new model in this line has been better, safer and more tech friendly than before. Technological innovations have made a difference in the exterior design, the interior design and powertrain components.

The great fact, here, is that the Versa is already known as a quality car with an engine with incredible endurance. It’s common for the Versa to reach more than 300,000 miles and still be in great mechanical and cosmetic shape. When you buy a Nissan, you’re buying a new car with decades of quality workmanship and design.

Visit your local El Paso Nissan dealership today to see whether the Versa Sedan is right for you. Climb in, load up the kids, flip the back seat down and see how much trunk space you have. Take it for a drive. Stop, start, hit some curves and then head back to the dealership to make your purchase!

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