Nissan Rental Cars

Nissan Rental Cars located at Casa Nissan offers the hottest new Nissan models available, making it a superior rental experience. Whether your rental needs are for pleasure, business or special events, Nissan Rental Cars provides the superior quality available only from Nissan. We offer personalized customer service, competitive rates, and an opportunity to rent the latest Nissan models. Make it Casa Nissan for all your rental needs!

Benefits of the Nissan Rental Car Program:

  • Try Before you Buy: Need more than a 5 minute Test-drive to decide if this will be your next new car? Rent one of our new Nissan models for the day, week, weekend or even a month before your next lease or purchase.
  • Service Replacement Vehicle: Drive away in the latest model Nissan while yours is being serviced at the dealership.
  • Insurance Replacement Vehicle: Is your vehicle being repaired at the body shop? Ask your dealer about a Nissan rental vehicle as a temporary replacement vehicle.

Nissan Rental Cars by the Day:

  • Rent to save miles on an upcoming lease expiration.
  • Enjoy a weekend getaway in a current Nissan model.
  • Rent a comfortable, roomy Nissan for out-of-town guests or a business trip.

Rental Hours:




$19.95 + tax/day

Rent Today!

Nissan Versa Rental Car Casa, CA


$29.95 + tax/day

Rent Today!

Nissan Sentra Rental Car Casa, CA


$49 + tax/day

Rent Today!

Nissan Altima Rental Car Casa, CA


$49 + tax/day

Rent Today!

Nissan Rogue Rental Car Casa, CA


$44.95 + tax/day

Rent Today!

Nissan Kicks Rental Car Casa, CA

Rogue Sport

$44.95 + tax/day

Rent Today!

Nissan Rogue Sport Rental Car Casa, CA


$59 + tax/day

Rent Today!

Nissan Frontier Rental Car Casa, CA


$79 + tax/day

Rent Today!

Nissan Titan Rental Car Casa, CA


$79.95 + tax/day

Rent Today!

Nissan Pathfinder Rental Car Casa, CA


$89 + tax/day

Rent Today!

Nissan Armada Rental Car Casa, CA

NV Passenger

$99.95 + tax/day

Rent Today!

Nissan NV Passenger Rental Car Casa, CA

Nissan Rental Car Policies

* Must be 21 or older for up to midsize vehicles

* Must be 25 or older for premium SUV or specialty vehicles

* Valid US Driver’s license

* Insurance (must be full coverage and they have to be a listed driver)

* Have a CC or Debit card of one of the drivers

* Also not all cars may be available at the time

Prices are subject to change depending on demand and availability.

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