Need a fast, professional oil change for your Nissan around El Paso? The service experts at Casa Nissan can get your Nissan's oil changed and get you back on the road fast. Your Kicks, Pathfinder, Sentra, or more will be ready for the next few thousand miles on the roads of Texas. 

Changing your oil is one of the most important basic maintenance tasks for your Nissan. Our El Paso service department is trained and ready to get it done with Nissan-approved oil. Oil keeps your engine running smoothly, whether it's a big V-8 on your Titan or the sporty I-4 in your Rogue or Altima. Keeping it fresh prevents long-term wear and tear and more severe problems if ignored. 

When you come in for an oil change, we can also check your other fluids and recommend replacement or a top-off. We're stocked with everything needed to ensure your Nissan is ready to return to the El Paso streets in top condition. 

Here are some signs it may be time to change the oil in your Nissan:

  • Check Engine light turns on
  • Excess exhaust
  • Increased noise from the engine
  • Shaking in idle
  • Ticking sounds when starting the engine

If you need to change the oil in your Murano, Versa, Frontier, or any Nissan vehicle, schedule an appointment online today with Casa Nissan. We'll get you in and your fluids checked quickly so you can be back on the road fast!