When needing tire repair or replacement for your Nissan, consider Casa Nissan here in El Paso. We have a team of Nissan Factory-Trained Technicians whom understand your Nissan extremely well. Your vehicle's tire play an important part of the vehicle's safety and performance. When in doubt about your tires, come visit our service department. We can determine if your tires should be repaired or replaced. If repair is called for, our Technicians will perform the service with safety in-mind. For replacements of your tires, choosing a proper set can very confusing. There are so many sizes and manufacturers available. Our team of Technicians can recommend a set of tires that meets or exceed what came with your Nissan from new.

Here are reasons to choose Casa Nissan for tire repair or replacement:
  • Factory-Trained Technicians.
  • Complete Understanding of Tire Technology and Fitments.
  • Access to Huge Selection of Tires.
  • Advanced Mounting and Balancing Equipment.
  • Competitive Prices.